Tesla Ranks 2nd in Vehicle Tech in China, Says JD Power

JD Power conducted a study on vehicle technology and ranked Tesla’s vehicles second in technology, just behind Xpeng Motors (via Teslarati).

The study, entitled the 2021 China Tech Experience Index Study, sought to evaluate the overall flexibility of automakers with newer technology.

The JD Power study offered a point system compiled from driver/owner responses, ultimately breaking down the technological aspects of the driving experience for each vehicle brand.

Tesla garnered a total of 597 points, compared to 615 points earned by Xpeng Motors, when it came to New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) in the country.

In third place was fellow China-based Tesla rival Li Auto, with 577 points. Vehicles from companies like NIO, among others, were noted by JD Power as not meeting the “criteria for awards” in the luxury electric vehicle (EV) category for this year’s study.

In July, Li Auto and Xpeng sold record numbers of vehicles in China, which is also the world’s largest auto market – and one both competitive and necessary for Tesla.

JD Power ranked the Tesla Model S and X most-liked in an EV ownership study earlier this year.

Tesla also settled a lawsuit with Xpeng earlier this year over an ex-employee who stole Autopilot source code before joining Xpeng’s American brand, XMotors.

Xpeng also recently unveiled pricing for its P5 sedan, which undercuts the Tesla Model 3 by nearly 100,000 yuan ($15,475 USD).