Tesla Model Y Reportedly Arrives in Australia, Hinting at Launch: Report

Tesla’s presence is rapidly expanding around the world, and with the electric SUV Model Y set to hit European shores this quarter, another country has apparently received its first copy of the Model Y.

The first Tesla Model Y has allegedly made it to Australia, according to the Tesla shipment tracker @VedaPrime (via techAU). The vehicle has a right-hand-side steering wheel, and Veda predicts that the region will likely get the Standard Range+, the Long Range, and the Performance variants of the region in Australia in the coming months.

The announcement included at least three Tesla Model Y units, which Veda says arrived together.

Last month, Tesla dropped the price of the Model 3 in Australia, following updated ranges for the Model 3 Long Range in Australia and Europe earlier this year.

In June, Tesla opened its first V3 Superchargers in Australia, in addition to the first Supercharger opened in Perth, Western Australia just last month.

While it’s nowhere near being in sight, Tesla also lobbied the Australian government to change its vehicle limitation rules to allow the Tesla Semi to one day come to the country. The Tesla Semi has yet to begin production, but is expected to by the end of this year, and has been delayed because of the ongoing chip shortage.