First Tesla V3 Superchargers Open in Australia

One of the biggest barriers to mainstream electric vehicle (EV) adoption remains the support for charging infrastructure, Tesla is rolling out its Superchargers all across the world.

Tesla has installed one of Australia’s first Tesla V3 Superchargers, located at the East Devonport ferry terminal in Tasmania, Australia, according to The Advocate (via Reddit).

The site includes three charging stalls, and according to one user on the thread, a full charge at the site will let EVs reach just about anywhere else in the state.

According to other users on the thread, Tesla has also had V3 Superchargers up in Geelong and Colac for a few days near Victoria, though the website map has reportedly not been updated yet as of Friday. In addition to the Tesla Supercharger, Tasmania also has 12 fast-chargers and over 23 other EV chargers.

Earlier this week, Tesla announced plans to spend over $1 billion per year on Australian minerals, with one official reporting that Tesla receives as much as three-quarters of its raw lithium from Australia and a third of the company’s nickel already.

Tesla also lobbied the Australian government to expand a semi-truck width requirement by a small amount, so that the Tesla Semi could someday be introduced to the country’s market.