Starlink Has Nearly 90,000 Users in 12 Countries, Says SpaceX

Starlink is growing rapidly, and as the satellite internet service run by SpaceX continues to grow, the company is adding both satellites and users to bolster its service at a rapid rate.

SpaceX told the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that it is now serving about 90,000 Starlink customers, with users spread across 12 countries in a July 29 call, according to CNBC.

The increase in users signifies nearly 20,000 users added within a month, since SpaceX head Elon Musk noted that Starlink’s service had reached 69,420 users in June.

Earlier this week, SpaceX filed an application to build a Starlink ground station on the UK’s Isle of Man, which would effectively offer blanket coverage of the low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellite internet service to the entirety of the UK.

Fellow satellite internet company Viasat asked the FCC to halt SpaceX’s Starlink satellite launches earlier this year, but last month a court ruled against Viasat, saying it would not halt Starlink’s launches.

SpaceX also lowered the orbit altitude of Starlink’s satellites, which Viasat argued violated an environmental act and was approved by the FCC without proper consideration of its effects.

Starlink’s coverage is expected to have a global reach around September, while SpaceX plans to fully complete its satellite internet constellation by the end of 2022.