SpaceX Plans Full Starlink Coverage Across Britain, Reveals Filing

Elon Musk’s company SpaceX is already operating a beta version of Starlink in countries across the world, but with an application for new licensing officially filed, the company is looking to provide internet coverage across Britain.

SpaceX is seeking a license to establish a Starlink ground site on the Isle of Man, which, in addition to the company’s other sites across Great Britain, is expected to provide blanket high-speed internet coverage to the whole country, according to The Telegraph.

Musk’s SpaceX has secured a telecoms license and rights to certain spectrum bands plus install hardware on the Isle of Man, reveal filings. The island’s regulator said SpaceX was the only company seeking multiple spectrum bands.

Starlink’s move to the island West of northern Britain is set to especially benefit rural and remote communities in the region which don’t typically have access to such impressive connectivity. Starlink has already established ground stations in Buckinghamshire and Cornwall, which in tandem with the Isle of Man station, are both expected to provide total coverage across the UK.

While SpaceX has been in talks with the UK government for at least a few months about improving internet access in the country’s most remote regions, Ofcom, the UK communications regulator said it was halting new low-orbit satellite company licenses, with the exception of finalizing one contract developed within upcoming process guidelines. The regulator did not go on to comment about who the nearly-finalized contract was with.