Tesla Confirms Model Y Deliveries for Hong Kong and Macau in September

After reports that Tesla’s Model Y was set to become available in Hong Kong, Tesla has officially confirmed deliveries are set to take place for the latter and Macau starting next month.

On Monday, Tesla announced plans to start delivering the Model Y electric SUV in Hong Kong and Macau as soon as next month, according to the South China Morning Post.

The U.S. automaker also unveiled its full delivery schedule for three variants of the Model Y electric vehicle (EV) SUV, with the base-level Standard variant starting at a price of $329,800 HKD ($42,432 USD) – or as cheap as $287,500 HKD ($36,989 USD) through the Hong Kong government’s one-for-one replacement program.

Tesla’s Regional Director for Hong Kong Isabel Fan said, “EVs currently make up about 3 percent of Hong Kong’s total registered cars. Tesla wants to expand further in the city and will target the remaining 97 percent.”

Prospective Tesla Model Y buyers can purchase the rear-wheel drive Standard variant with 455 kilometers (283 miles) of range, or they can upgrade to Long Range or Performance variants, with 542 and 528 kilometers (337 and 328 miles) of range, respectively. Both the Long Range and Performance variants also offer a dual-motor all-wheel-drive engine.

Hong Kong has remained one of Asia’s most important early adopters of EVs, with about 18,500 private EVs in the region as of last year – while Teslas account for a staggering 80 percent of the units, according to the region’s Transport Department.

With Tesla’s Gigafactory in Shanghai producing Model 3 and Model Y units for Asia, the company now has the capacity to fulfill demand for the region.

During Tesla’s Q2 earnings report, the company noted Giga Shanghai now has the ability to make over 450,000 vehicles per year, but of course, this all depends on the looming global supply chip shortage, which CEO Elon Musk said remains “quite serious”.