Tesla Model Y Standard Range Comes Back to Life–in Hong Kong

Following reports that the Tesla Model Y was set to become available to Hong Kong buyers on Friday, the company has stayed true to its word with the return of the Model Y to the region.

According to Tesla’s website, the Model Y Standard Range can now be purchased by Tesla buyers in Hong Kong, with the company’s online order configurator also adding Long-Range and Performance options.

The Model Y Standard Range is priced at $329,800 HKD, or about $42,462 USD.

The Long Range is at $377,800 HKD, while the Performance Model Y is priced from $419,800 HKD.

News of Tesla launching Model Y sales in Hong Kong were revealed earlier this week in filings by the company.

The Hong Kong Tesla Model Y Standard Range is rated for 455 kilometers (282 miles) per charge according to the World Harmonized Light-Duty Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP).

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The Tesla Model Y will reportedly also hit Europe in Q3 along with the Model S Plaid, in advance of Tesla’s completion of its Gigafactory Berlin – set to be finished by the end of this year.

According to data collected last year, Tesla’s Superchargers in Hong Kong have some of the most expensive charging rates in the world, though it isn’t clear how charging network expansion may have changed some of those prices in 2021.