Tesla Gigafactory in Texas Will Span ‘Almost a Mile Long’: Musk

Photo: Terafactory Texas (YouTube)

Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas was awarded the “Manufacturing Project of the Year” last month, and as the factory begins preparing for production later this year, even the head of the company is praising the site.

In response to an article on Tesla’s Model Y production preparing to start, Tesla CEO @Elon Musk claimed he was at Gigafactory Texas on Saturday, going on to say that the “team was making excellent progress.” In addition, Musk stated that the Gigafactory Texas building would be nearly a mile long when it’s done.

Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas is expected to begin production on the Model Y later this year, in addition to eventually producing the anticipated Tesla Cybertruck.

Check out the latest Gigafactory Austin progress below:

Earlier this month, Tesla also established 12 new Superchargers at the Texas production facility, along with confirmation earlier this month that Tesla’s Supercharger network will open to other EV brands later this year.

Unfortunately for Texas customers, Tesla will still need to ship its cars outside of Texas before returning them to sell to local customers, due to an outdated anti-dealer bill that was not overturned before Texas’ state legislature stopped meeting for the year.

On top of Musk’s Tesla endeavors in Texas, job listings from earlier this year also hinted at the potential for a SpaceX factory within Austin.