Tesla Gigafactory Texas Awarded ‘Manufacturing Project of the Year’

Tesla has won a manufacturing award and has been noticed by a government official in Texas, in spite of the company not being able to sell directly to customers in its new home state.

Area Development Magazine named Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas the “Manufacturing Project of the Year” earlier this week, and the moment was shared by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, as reported by Teslarati. The praise came in addition to Texas winning its ninth gold shovel award as the best state in America for new economic development projects.

The Governor’s congratulations also come despite Tesla needing to ship its cars out of state before selling to local Texas customers due to direct sales legislation that was not changed before this year’s state legislators stopped meeting on May 31.

In a statement, Governor Abbott stated his excitement in offering production benefits to new businesses.

Abbott said, “The Lone Star State offers innovative businesses the freedom to flourish with our pro-growth economic policies, a predictable regulatory environment, and our young, growing, and diverse workforce.” The Governor continued, “I thank Area Development Magazine for their recognition, and I look forward to welcoming even more new business investments and job creation as we unleash the full might of the Texas economy.”

Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas is set for completion by the end of this year, and it will produce all of Tesla’s U.S. manufactured vehicles alongside its Fremont and Sparks factories. The Texas site will also produce the company’s highly-anticipated Cybertruck.