How to Watch Tesla’s Model S Plaid Event Livestream [VIDEO]

Following news of a fully booked Tesla Model S Plaid Delivery Event, as well as video footage of the Fremont Factory’s site preparations as early as Tuesday (via Tesla Fremont Flyover), Tesla also announced plans to live stream the event, which is set to happen Thursday evening at 7pm PDT/10pm EDT.

On Thursday morning, Tesla Fremont Flyover shared drone footage from the Fremont facility’s site, depicting the Fremont facility’s Model S Plaid Delivery Event preparations still underway.

Along with a number of Model S units carefully organized around the factory, there’s a stage and delivery runway set up for the event.

You can see some of Thursday morning’s event preparations in the Tesla Fremont Flyover video below.

The highly-anticipated performance variant of the Model S was originally set for June 3, but the event was pushed back to June 10, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company needed a little more time to “tweak” performance. In addition, the Model S Plaid+ was cancelled entirely earlier this week, and the listing has been removed from Tesla’s website.

At a starting price of $129,900 (USD), the Tesla Model S Plaid also sports a 1.99-second 0-60, and has been coveted by Tesla fans for years for a reason. The new sedan saw a $10,000 price increase on the eve of today’s event.

You can watch Tesla’s full live stream of the Model S Plaid on the company’s YouTube channel, as the event stream should be live shortly before the event. We’ll add the video to this post when it goes live.

Update: The doors open at 7pm PDT, while the first remarks will start at 8:30pm PDT, as seen in the invitation below:

Update: Tesla says the presentation will begin at 8:15pm PDT/11:15pm EDT:

Update: here’s the live stream YouTube link below: