Epic Tesla Model Y Camping Setup Put to the Test in Moab, Utah [VIDEO]




Many Tesla users have taken their electric vehicles (EVs) camping, and while few are brave enough to tow a 6,000-pound Airstream with a Tesla Model 3, a range of other camping options and accessories exist for camping and Tesla fans alike.

Following off-road Tesla Model Y enthusiast iTesla‘s last video, the channel shared an entire camping rig for the Model Y in a video uploaded on Tuesday. The Model Y camping setup features a two-person tent for sleeping mounted to the top of the compact crossover SUV, as well as a second, detached tent for cooking and relaxing.

After receiving questions about the weight limit of the Tesla Model Y roof rack bars, the video host dispels Tesla’s claim that the accessory can only hold 165 pounds, saying it can actually hold closer to 600 pounds. Since the roof rack bars elevate whatever is mounted on top – in this case, the tent – the host explains that the Model Y roof glass is not in danger, even with two adult people sleeping inside the tent.

Other Tesla fans have also created camping rigs, including the CyberLander Cybertruck camper, which garnered over $50 million in preorders.

You can watch iTesla’s full video of the Tesla Model Y camping setup below, complete with commentary and a “tour” of the Model Y campsite.


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