More Footage of Tesla Model Y Off-Roading in Moab, Utah [VIDEO]

Image: i1Tesla on YouTube

Tesla enthusiast i1Tesla has published some additional footage of their modified Tesla Model Y off-roading in the red rock formations of Moab, Utah.

i1Tesla had previously released a video of their Model Y off-road climbing in the same area, and both videos showcase the all-electric SUV feeling right at home on unpaved roads and the rocky terrain.

We also get to see Tesla’s Off-Road Assist feature in action, which is designed to increase traction on rough surfaces and also balance torque between the front and rear motors.

This is the same Model Y the Youtuber modified for off-road adventures last year, and they even documented the whole process to help others with overlanding aspirations.

The modifications made to this specific Model Y include, but are not limited to, an off-road capable suspension, aftermarket tires, and a steel plate on the underside of the chassis to protect the EV’s battery.

Looking at how effortlessly the Model Y traverses through the uneven, rocky terrain and at one point even drives over a series of rocks, one could be forgiven for forgetting that the Model Y is a consumer SUV and not an off-road or all-terrain vehicle like Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck.

The new footage also teases a full, longer video of the trip coming out soon. Stay tuned.