Tesla Model Y Goes Off-Road Climbing in Moab, Utah [VIDEO]

Last year, i1Tesla shared videos on how to make an off-road Tesla Model Y, and in a newly-shared clip, we can see the same Model Y doing work in Moab, Utah.

In a new video from i1Tesla, we see Tesla’s off-road assist helping the Tesla Model Y navigate a bumpy uphill climb in the same Model Y seen before. The Model Y in question includes a 4-inch lift, totaling about 9 inches of clearance, as well as A/T III Toyo tires in 255/55/19 dimensions.

The Model Y also includes a matte combat green color, that definitely suits an offroad vehicle in the red rocks of Moab. Many users on the thread joked that the footage was taken on Mars, thanks to Tesla and SpaceX head Elon Musk.

Last year, Tesla’s Model Y was also put to the test going off-road, debuting the vehicle’s off-road mode which both balances the Model Y’s torque, while allowing each wheel to spin freely when necessary.

GMC’s electric Hummer was also seen traversing Moab hills in recent weeks and is expected to be a major rival to the Tesla Cybertruck, which is estimated to start production by the end of 2021.