Crimson Red Model S Body Spotted at Tesla’s Fremont Factory [VIDEO]

Photo: Tesla Fremont Flyover

After Elon Musk‘s remarks last year that deep crimson from the upcoming Gigafactory Berlin was his favorite car color, a Model S has been spotted at Tesla’s Fremont Factory sporting the very same deep crimson shade in a drone flyover video taken Saturday (via Teslarati).

A Model S featuring the same crimson shade was also spotted being driven around a SpaceX facility last year, though none have yet been spotted at the company’s under-construction Berlin Gigafactory.

While the color isn’t currently available to consumers, the sighting hints that Tesla could be looking to produce the shade of car at a wider scale than previously known, since Musk originally referred to it as being “from Giga Berlin.”

Musk has already said that Gigafactory Berlin will have “the world’s most advanced paint shop,” though the production facility is still incomplete. In addition to the Berlin factory, however, Musk followed up saying that Gigafactory Shanghai and the Fremont Factory paint shops would also be upgraded, though he also said that some of the changes could take time.

But now, with Gigafactory Berlin’s completion pushed back to the end of 2021, the company could elect to produce the crimson color at its Fremont facility or Texas Gigafactory – especially if plans were already arranged to upgrade each facility’s paint shop at some point in the future.

YouTube video

Tesla is set to hold its Model S Plaid delivery event this week on June 10. The company has cancelled its Plaid+ version, with Elon Musk saying the version was not needed due to the insane acceleration of the Plaid Model S.