Tesla Model 3 Tops Nissan Leaf for Most Popular EV in the UK



Tesla’s Model 3 has remained one of the top-selling electric vehicles (EVs) in the United Kingdom, and according to a new report, it recently bumped another EV off from the top.

The Tesla Model 3 has surpassed the United Kingdom’s previous most popular battery electric vehicle (BEV), with a total of 39,900 Model 3 units on UK roads and only 38,900 Leaf units, as reported by The Guardian.

While the EV landed just behind the Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrid, it saw an astounding 18% share of the UK EV market, according to registration data collected between January and April.

Photo: The Guardian (via data from European Electric Car Report)

On a global scale, Tesla remained the world’s best-selling EV in April, and the company’s pull in the European market is undeniable – despite a slow April across the continent for Tesla.

Earlier this month, Tesla CEO Elon Musk visited the UK, with many speculating as to if Tesla may elect to build a factory in the country. The company also lobbied the UK earlier this year to increase diesel and gas taxes, in order to incentivize the adoption of BEVs.

Whether or not Tesla does decide to build a factory within the country, it’s likely to keep selling its Model 3 at high rates – especially with a recent price reduction, designed to counter new grant ineligibilities from the UK government.

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