Tesla Possibly Testing Cybertruck vs Dodge RAM TRX, Shows Flyover [VIDEO]

Tesla might be benchmarking against the RAM TRX truck in its Cybertruck development, according to a video from Gabeincal, points out Pascal Guertin, who notes the Dodge is the “best truck offered by a OEM” – signaling good things for the future of the Cybertruck.

Starting at about 1:30 in the drone flyover video, we can see overhead footage of Tesla’s Fremont factory track near a Model 3, Model Y, and Model S, and the Dodge Ram TRX. While the Cybertruck itself is not seen in the video, Cybertruck production is allegedly right around the corner, making this likely to be benchmark testing for the highly-anticipated electric truck.

With Tesla’s Cybertruck rumored to begin production in June at Gigafactory Texas, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to see the company comparing builds with a standard non-electric pickup truck. Prior to the rumor, CEO Elon Musk stated that a Cybertruck update would “probably” be coming in Q2.

Earlier this month, Musk was also seen driving around Gigafactory Texas in a Cybertruck, with Musk previously saying that the truck doesn’t need a garage, won’t have door handles, and floats if stuck in water.

In any case, you can watch Gabeincal’s full drone flyover video of Tesla allegedly benchmarking of the Dodge RAM TRX below: