Tesla Cybertruck Won’t Have Door Handles, Confirms Elon Musk

Cybertruck handles no

Image via @liamm

Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck won’t have door handles, confirmed CEO Elon Musk on Thursday morning.

When asked if the Tesla leader could share a Cybertruck update, Musk casually replied, “there will be no handles”.

Removing door handles would increase aerodynamics and lower the truck’s drag coefficiency, an important factor when it comes to electric vehicles for increasing range.

How do you open doors without handles? It would probably be similar to how the new Roadster doors open, as seen in the video below:

YouTube video

Tesla still has yet to fully reveal the final design characteristics of the Cybertruck, which is expected to start production later this year. We do know the Cybertruck will be bulletproof to protect you from the haters.

Earlier this week, Tesla announced it would now accept payment for cars with Bitcoin.