Tesla Now Lets You Purchase a Car with Bitcoin

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You can now buy a Tesla with Bitcoin, according to a change on the company’s website on Wednesday evening.

Back in February, Tesla disclosed it made a $1.5 billion in Bitcoin and mentioned it would soon accept the cryptocurrency as payment in the “near future”. Fast forward just over a month and Bitcoin payment on Tesla.com is now available, joining credit card payments and Apple Pay.

Tesla’s fine print on Bitcoin payment is as follows:

To make a payment in Bitcoin, you need a digital wallet that supports transfers of Bitcoin to external digital wallets, compatible hardware and Internet access. If you decide to make an eligible purchase with Bitcoin, you mustselect Bitcoin as the payment method for your purchase when we prompt you to select a payment method. We will provide to you a digital wallet address (“Bitcoin Address”) in both alphanumeric and QR code form. This is the payment address location to which you will need to send Bitcoin from your digital wallet. You may copy and paste or manually input the alphanumeric code that we provide to you into the recipient field in your digital wallet software or, if your digital wallet software supports QR codes, scan the QR code that we provide to you using your device to auto-populate the recipient field with the alphanumeric code.

Tesla reiterates numerous times it is the customer’s responsibility to input the correct amount of Bitcoin and the correct Bitcoin address in your digital wallet software, as the nature of these cryptocurrency transactions are not reversible.

So far, paying for a Tesla with Bitcoin only appears to be for the USA, as the Canadian Tesla website doesn’t show the option.

Update: Elon Musk says payment with Bitcoin outside the USA is coming later this year.

Back in late January, Tesla CEO Elon Musk added “#Bitcoin” to his Twitter bio, sending the price of the cryptocurrency surging.

Alright–who’s going to the first person to buy a Tesla with Bitcoin?

Looks like someone already took advantage of being able to buy a Tesla with Bitcoin:

You can check out Tesla’s Bitcoin FAQ page here.

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