Tesla Cybertruck ‘Doesn’t Need a Garage’ Says Elon Musk



Cybertruck exoskeleton

Tesla Cybertruck production of its Dual Motor and Tri Motor All-Wheel Drive (AWD) versions are expected to begin production in late 2021, according to the company’s website.

Beyond Cybertruck’s futuristic design, the truck is so large it will not fit into conventional garages. So what’s the solution? You don’t need one for it, says Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

On Friday evening, Musk said on Twitter, “Cybertruck doesn’t need a garage,” replying to concerns of @DMC_Ryan, who noted space for vehicle parking is a premium in San Francisco, California.

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With Cybertruck’s “nearly impenetrable exoskeleton” and Tesla armor glass, the truck will be a tank on the road.

In regards to Cybertruck’s ultra-hard 30x cold-rolled stainless steel, the company’s website explains, “if there was something better, we’d use it. Help eliminate dents, damage and long-term corrosion with a smooth monochrome exoskeleton that puts the shell on the outside of the car and provides you and your passengers maximum protection.”

While it’s true Cybertruck may not need a garage for protection from the elements—you’ll need to find space to park the huge electric truck if you live in the city.

After first dual and tri motor Cybertruck production starts in late 2021 at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, rear-wheel drive single motor production will begin in late 2022. Of course, there may be delays in these timelines, but for now, this is what people are expecting.

Where will you be parking your Tesla Cybertruck?


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