Tesla Model 3 Dominates European EV Sales in March

The Tesla Model 3 has topped Europe’s best-selling electric vehicle (EV) list for the second month in a row, the final month in a record-breaking first quarter for the U.S. automaker.

Tesla’s Model 3 sold a whopping 24,184 units across Europe in March, according to EV Sales. The figure is more than four times the company’s February registrations across Europe, a month which also saw the electric sedan at the top of Europe’s sales with just 5,506 units delivered.

The top European markets for Tesla Model 3 registrations were the U.K. (6,500), France (4,524), Germany (3,699), Norway (2,169), Sweden (1,192), and Austria (1,192).

While Tesla is typically known for accelerating deliveries near the end of each quarter, this was a more impressive final quarter push in Europe than Tesla has garnered thus far.

Immediately following the Tesla Model 3’s Europe sales in March were the Hyundai Kona EV (5,643), the Volvo XC40 PHEV (5,567), the Renault Zoe (5,482), and the Volkswagen ID.4 (5,104).

The Model 3 also landed Germany’s top sales spot in March, marking a 48% increase from the company’s February deliveries in the region.

Earlier this month, the Tesla Model 3 was outranked by the Chevy Bolt EV for Best EV from U.S. News, though it’s admittedly hard to refute the electric sedan’s global sales numbers.