Tesla Model 3 Leads EV Sales in Europe for February 2021



Tesla’s Model 3 sedan topped electric vehicle sales in Europe for the month of February, according to new data shared by EV Sales.

The Model 3 saw 5,506 deliveries in February, which is the car’s first win since last September, notes EV Sales. Unit numbers were the highest in Germany (1,910 units), followed by France (1,166), Austria (369), Norway (334) and others.

Check out the chart below, with the Model 3 topping the Volkswagen ID.3 and more by a huge margin of nearly 1,700 units:

Tesla model 3 europe february

For the overall 2021 rankings, the Tesla Model 3 rises to the #3 spot, while it is expected to top the rankings with a surge of sales in March. Tesla has yet to launch its Model Y in Europe, but when its Gigafactory in Berlin is fully complete this year, that will soon change.

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