Elon Musk Reportedly Says Tesla Has Chance of Delivering 1 Million Cars in 2021



Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently held a company-wide call, according to recent information shared by @SawyerMerrit. Musk reportedly held a company-wide call on Friday to review 2020, and also discuss some of the electric vehicle (EV) maker’s plans for the near future.

According to the investor’s sources, Musk can be quoted as saying the long-awaited Full Self-Driving subscriptions will be available sometime in the next 6 weeks during the call. This is squarely in line with some of Musk’s previous tweets, in which the CEO confirmed FSD subscriptions would be launching in Q2 2021.

While current estimates place Tesla at producing around 800,000 cars this year, the CEO believes there’s a chance the EV pioneer could hit 1,000,000. Despite being high off the momentum of 500,000 cars produced and delivered last year, doubling that number in 2021 is a tall order.

Musk also talked about Giga Shanghai and its ongoing expansion, which will add a significant amount of production capacity to Tesla’s arsenal.

Lastly, the Tesla CEO announced that 2021 is going to be a great year for the company, and that 2022 should be even better. By all accounts, that is exactly the trajectory Tesla is currently on.

Merritt and his sources have a decent track record, as he accurately shared news about Tesla’s Fremont factory shutting down in February, before major news media. Musk later confirmed the factory shutdown which was only for a couple days.

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