Tesla Model S Plaid Refresh Spotted at Fremont Factory Shipping Lot [Update]



Model s plaid fremont parking

Electric car enthusiast The Kilowatts are back at it again—spotting Tesla vehicles out in the wild before they launch.

On Wednesday evening, @klwtts shared images of what appears to be the first Tesla Model S Plaid refresh parked at the company’s shipping and logistics lot, suggesting deliveries may be happening soon.

“HERE WE GO!!! WE JUST SPOTTED THE FIRST MODEL S REFRESH/PLAID IN THE SHIPPING & LOGISTICS LOT,” said @klwtts enthusiastically tonight. “This could confirm Tesla is starting to ship to stores and delivery centers!”, they added.

Model s plaid fremont parking 2

Earlier on Wednesday afternoon, @klwtts also shared images of a red Model S refresh out in the wild, too:

You’ll notice in both images, we don’t see the highly-anticipated ‘yoke’ steering wheel, but a regular, boring round wheel. While it may be too early to suggest ‘yoke’ won’t be available for deliveries, for now, we have yet to see the futuristic wheel out in the wild.

In other Fremont-related news, according to Sawyer Merritt, a close follower of Tesla, he said tonight the Tesla factory at Fremont “has been shut down for the past couple of days.” It’s unclear if this is true or not, but it is speculated it could be related to a chip shortage.

Take this information with a grain of salt. We’ll just have to wait and see the first Model S refresh deliveries, expected soon.

Update: According to @WholeMarsBlog, who drove out to the Tesla Fremont lot on Wednesday night, there were only Model 3 and Model Y vehicles and no Model S or X in sight.

Also, the Tesla Fremont factory looks “to be just as full of cars as it always is at 11pm,” with lights on and people entering and exiting the factory. This shuts down the rumor above about the factory being closed…

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