Tesla Vehicles Helping New Car-Share Programs in B.C.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Canadian tourism dropped by over 50 percent, though the shift may have also paved the way for new car-sharing and rental programs, posits one report. Canada’s car rental companies made up one of the industries hit hardest, effectively making rental prices skyrocket, and ultimately making it possible for new […]

Vancouver Leads Canada in New Electric Vehicle Car Registrations

As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to see mainstream adoption increase around the world, one Canadian city is paving the way for the rest of the country with its high levels of EV adoption, according to a report just weeks following a major climate-change-induced heatwave – which experts say is a reason to make the switch […]

Canada to Install 34 New Electric Vehicle Chargers in Vancouver

The government of Canada has announced it plans to build 34 new electric vehicle chargers across Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, at six different sites. The announcement from Natural Resources Canada says $119,000 CAD will be spent to install 34 Level 2 EV chargers. Bosa Properties will add to the project to take the total cost […]

Tesla Asks Businesses in Canada to Host Superchargers

On its website Friday, Tesla announced it would be looking for business owners in Vancouver and Toronto to apply to host Superchargers on-site, with applications open until December 15. Eligible businesses should have room for at least eight Tesla Supercharger stations, and is based on a set of merit criteria scoring up to 80 points, […]

Tesla Supercharger Rates Compared for Metro Vancouver [CHART]

If you’ve always wondered about the prices of charging your Tesla at a Supercharger, a local owner has shared a chart comparing the prices for those located in Metro Vancouver. William de la Cruz shared a chart on Facebook showing Tesla Supercharger rates from Abbotsford to Whistler. He explains, "On "paper” [Abbotsford] is supposed to...