Tesla Asks Businesses in Canada to Host Superchargers

On its website Friday, Tesla announced it would be looking for business owners in Vancouver and Toronto to apply to host Superchargers on-site, with applications open until December 15.

Eligible businesses should have room for at least eight Tesla Supercharger stations, and is based on a set of merit criteria scoring up to 80 points, where businesses get extra points for having multiple property availabilities, more lot space, number of years willing to commit, and a handful of other point-based questions.

Within the new webpage dedicated to applications, Tesla wrote, “Tesla vehicles are equipped with in-car navigation that directs drivers to nearby Superchargers, bringing new and repeat business to your location.” The company continued, “Superchargers are completely maintained by Tesla so there is no extra upkeep or hassle – just fast charging for customers and visitors.”

The new Superchargers are likely to bring in natural foot traffic for any business that acquires Tesla’s Superchargers, so the opportunity to host them will be a competitively-earned honor for those that do get approved to host them.

In any case, the electric vehicle charging infrastructure is where the world needs to see some of the most drastic changes in order to keep up with the transition from traditional petroleum cars. With 20,000 Superchargers across the world, and counting, Tesla continues to expand this charging network, and those in Toronto and Vancouver are about to see it expand a little more.