Tesla Supercharger Rates Compared for Metro Vancouver [CHART]



If you’ve always wondered about the prices of charging your Tesla at a Supercharger, a local owner has shared a chart comparing the prices for those located in Metro Vancouver.

William de la Cruz shared a chart on Facebook showing Tesla Supercharger rates from Abbotsford to Whistler.

He explains, “On “paper” [Abbotsford] is supposed to be the best value if you have a low state of charge (SOC) and can actually hit 250kW (depending on your car model and version).”

Overall, the prices don’t vary that much and are still cheaper than fuelling up gas in a traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle. Do note there’s an idle fee of $1.30 CAD per minute, if you’re hanging around a Supercharger while plugged in, hogging a spot from someone waiting.

Tesla charge rates greater vancouver

The Tesla Superchargers listed include: Abbotsford, Surrey, Richmond, Tsawwassen, Vancouver Pacific Centre, Vancouver Burrard, Squamish and Whistler.

Other chargers coming soon in Metro Vancouver include North Vancouver, West Vancouver and White Rock, according to Tesla Canada’s Supercharger website.

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