Tesla Model 3 Owner Details Living in His Car in Drive Across Canada [VIDEO]



Image: TSLA420 on YouTube

Around a month ago, Shang, a Tesla Model 3 owner from Toronto, decided to quit his job and take a trip across Canada to British Columbia while living out of his car.

In his latest YouTube video, Shang shares the progress he’s made on his journey, and he has now made it to Vancouver, BC.

On his way to Vancouver, Shang decides to stop at Calgary for a few days. His stay lasts 12 nights, 7 of which he spends at an Enmax parking lot before he finds out the chargers there aren’t open to the public and is respectfully escorted from the premises.

Shang spends the next 5 nights with his Tesla parked in a Cadillac Fairview parking lot where he makes a couple of new friends.

With how cold it is in Calgary right now, the Model 3’s heating proved to be a lifesaver for Shang through those nights, but also made it essential for the car to be charged overnight.

While in Calgary, the daredevil also sold bananas out of the frunk of his Model 3.

Leaving Calgary, Shang made it to Banff, Alberta, and spent a day trekking the local trails. The harder trails, however, weren’t accessible due to the snow.

After taking in some gorgeous views at Banff and learning about a trucker’s life on the road while waiting for a rock slide to be cleared up, Shang finally made it to Vancouver.

Check out some of Shang’s earlier videos detailing his Tesla adventure, below:


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