Tesla Model 3 Being Tested by Merseyside Police in the UK

Merseyside Police in Northwest England are testing a Tesla Model 3 sedan as a patrol car, describing the electric vehicle (EV) as “cool-looking” following an initial drive, reports the Liverpool Echo. Despite it being a “headturner,” the Merseyside Police Roads Policing Unit (RPU) account on Twitter also voiced a few concerns such as how often […]

Tesla Recognizing Variable Highway Speed Limit Signs in the UK

Tesla’s software update 2022.20.5 has enabled vehicles to recognize variable highway speed limit signs in the UK, according to a video shared by one driver on Sunday (via Reddit). Additionally, it seemed to enable highway speed sign recognition in select countries and temporary road sign detection. Previously, the feature was only available for regular roads […]

Tesla Rolling Out In-Car ‘Premium Connectivity’ Upgrade in Europe

Tesla has added the in-car “Upgrades” tab to its UK and European cars, as detailed in a post on Reddit on Friday. The post shows a screenshot depicting the tab, showing a premium connectivity subscription that can be purchased directly from inside the vehicle. Another user in the thread confirmed that the update was available in […]

Tesla Model 3 Ranked #1 in EV Efficiency ‘E-Rating’ in the U.K.

According to This is Money, a new efficiency ‘E-rating’ has been launched in the U.K that rates electric vehicles (EVs) from A++ to E depending on overall efficiency. The rating system has been established by, a website that provides information and advice to potential EV buyers and existing owners. says the purpose of the […]

You Can Now Order Tesla’s Model Y in the United Kingdom

Tesla has launched orders for its Model Y compact crossover SUV in the United Kingdom, with Long Range and Performance versions available (via @SawyerMerritt). Pricing for the Model Y in the UK in GBP is below: Long Range: 54,990 GBP (about $75,245 USD) Performance: 64,990 GBP (about $88,927 USD) Upgrades available include (equivalent USD pricing […]

Cleveland Police in England Ask Tesla for Model 3 Patrol Car

Police in Cleveland, England may stand to benefit from a recently-built Tesla Model 3 police car ahead of the country’s 2030 gas car sales ban, as electric vehicles (EVs) continue to rise in popularity around the world for use as police patrol cars. On Wednesday, Cleveland Police and Crime Commissioner Steve Turner wrote to Tesla […]

Tesla Model 3 Tops Nissan Leaf for Most Popular EV in the UK

Tesla’s Model 3 has remained one of the top-selling electric vehicles (EVs) in the United Kingdom, and according to a new report, it recently bumped another EV off from the top. The Tesla Model 3 has surpassed the United Kingdom’s previous most popular battery electric vehicle (BEV), with a total of 39,900 Model 3 units […]

Tidal-Powered EV Charging Station Debuts in Scotland

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are growing in presence to match the increasingly electric auto market throughout the world, but one company in Shetland, Scotland is upping the ante with marine-powered electricity. Nova Innovation has created an EV charging station powered by tidal turbines on the island of Yell in Shetland, Scotland, according to BBC. […]

SpaceX’s Starlink Internet Beta Launches in the UK

SpaceX’s Starlink internet has a lot to offer to rural consumers. The low-Earth orbit internet service provider (ISP) has already starting offering beta testing to a number of North America customers, and now it will do the same for an entirely new market. On Monday, Business Insider reported that the UK government has approved SpaceX’s […]