Tesla Delivers 200,000th Car in the United Kingdom

New model 3 hero uk

Tesla has reached a new milestone: 200,000 total cars delivered in the United Kingdom.

The company made the announcement on Thursday morning, saying on X, “Delivered our 200,000th Tesla in the UK! Thank you to our owners, you’re ace.”

For now, the Model 3 and Model Y are available in the UK, with vehicles coming from Giga Shanghai in China.

“Reaching this milestone of 200,000 deliveries shows how far Tesla has contributed to the UK’s transition to sustainable energy. More and more customers are not just looking towards Tesla as an option for sustainability, but also for safety and affordability,” said Tesla’s UK sales and delivery manager, Michael Oates, to Car Magazine.

Tesla has 140 Supercharger locations in the UK with 1,400 Superchargers installed, with plans to rollout the newest V4 Superchargers this year.

The UK saw its 1 millionth electric vehicles delivered in February 2024, and that means 1 in 5 EVs on the roads are now Teslas.

Another milestone for Tesla recently is 100,000 vehicles on the road in Australia.

Tesla has yet to release Full Self-Driving (FSD) outside of Canada and the U.S., and many European customers who have paid for the upgrade are eagerly awaiting expansion.