Tesla is Doubling its Supercharger Design Team in Canada

As Tesla moves to a Supercharger plan including non-Tesla vehicles in the U.S., the automaker is simultaneously trying to increase its team and charging network in Canada. Tesla plans to double its Supercharger design team in Canada, as part of a larger push to deploy more charging stations, as detailed in a post from Supercharger […]

Several Tesla and NIO Charging Stations Close Due to Sichuan Heatwave

As China’s power crisis worsens amidst record heat, many charging stations for electric vehicle (EV) automakers Tesla and NIO are becoming temporarily inoperable in certain regions. Tesla and NIO have been forced to halt charging operations in two cities in the Sichuan province, due to an ongoing heatwave that’s putting pressure on the area’s grid, […]

Tesla Now Lets Destination Charger Partners Set Pricing

Tesla has made paid services available for its destination charging sites, on one condition which must be provided by the businesses or sites. Paid charging for Tesla’s destination chargers is now operational for businesses and property owners that provide at least six wall connectors, according to electrek. In the past, Tesla’s destination chargers were primarily […]

Tesla V4 Supercharger Design Spotted in Site Plans

After Tesla’s upcoming V4 Supercharger dimensions were revealed earlier this month, the automaker has dropped another potential hint to suggest it may start deploying its next-generation charger design. A Tesla Supercharger site set to be established in Danvers, Massachusetts shows “Alternative Supercharger Posts” alongside its V3 Superchargers, which could mean that V4 Supercharger designs or […]

New Pull-Through Tesla Supercharger Coming to Columbus, Ohio

Tesla is set to construct a new Supercharger in Columbus, Ohio, at 179 East Campus View Blvd, as detailed by Canadian Tesla Supercharger enthusiast, @MarcoRPTesla. The new pull-through Supercharger will include 16 V3 charging stalls and looks to be the first of its kind on the U.S. east coast. According to the permit seen by […]

Tesla Off-Peak Hours and Rates Have Changed at Select Superchargers

As Texas continues to struggle to keep up with electrical demands during record heat, Tesla has added a new discount to further incentivize drivers to avoid charging during peak hours. Tesla is offering 50 percent off for off-peak Supercharging rates in Texas, as detailed in an email to customers in the area. Thank you for […]

Tesla Navigation Offers ‘Rerouting to a Less Busy Supercharger’

Depending on where you live, Tesla Superchargers can be a busy place to be, especially in cities with high concentrations of the electric vehicles or busy routes during holiday travel periods. Tesla’s in-car navigation automatically calculates where you should stop to Supercharge when you enter in your destination. Upon closer arrival at a Supercharger, the […]

Tesla Diner and Drive-in Theater Renders Imagined–With Hilarious ‘Easter Eggs’ [PICS]

After Tesla revealed plans for a diner, drive-in theater and a Supercharger in Hollywood, renderings for the upcoming charging location have now been imagined. Architectural engineer @Ed Howard shared what he imagines are renderings of Elon Musk’s Tesla diner with a drive-in theater and Supercharger station, including 20 different Easter Eggs. The high-resolution images show […]

Tesla Opens Superchargers to Non-Tesla Cars in the UK, Spain, Belgium and More

Tesla continues to expand its Supercharger pilot that allows non-Tesla vehicles to charge at its charging stations. On Wednesday, Tesla expanded the pilot to Austria, Belgium, Spain, Sweden and the UK. Previously, the pilot was only available in France, the Netherlands and Norway. Non-Tesla vehicles can now charge at select Superchargers in Austria, Belgium, Spain, […]

Alaska’s First Tesla Supercharger Holds Grand Opening Event

Alaska’s long-awaited first Supercharger in Soldotna became operational last year, and the owners celebrated with a grand opening event. The owners of Tesla’s first Supercharger station in Alaska held a grand opening event for the site on April 30 to celebrate the future of renewable energy, according to Alaska’s News Source. The station is owned […]

Tesla Changes Off-Peak Supercharging Hours in California: Now 9pm to 11am

Tesla has updated its off-peak Supercharging hours in California, starting today April 12, 2022. According to an email sent out by the automaker (via Reddit) on Tuesday, it explains “off-peak hours will change at California Supercharging locations. Charge for less at select Superchargers before 11AM and after 9PM.” Previously, off-peak hours were set to begin […]

Tesla Launches Supercharger Pay-by-Minute Speed Tiers in Canada

Following similar changes made in the United States in November 2021, Tesla has updated their Supercharger rates in Canada. Previously, Tesla owners were billed under a two-tier system, but the company modified its terms last November shifting to a four-tier model, which was applied in Canada on Wednesday. Charging rates are determined by the amount […]