Tesla Recalls 3,470 Model Y Vehicles to Check Seat Back Frame Bolts

Tesla issued a recall of 3,470 Model Y vehicles on Saturday, according to a filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The recall is NHTSA Campaign Number 23V130000 which says the issue is “a loose seat frame bolt may reduce the seat belt system’s performance, increasing the risk of injury during a crash.” […]

Ford Led with the Most Recalls in 2022

Ford issued the most recalls of any automotive manufacturer in 2022, both by the number of recalls and the total volume of cars potentially affected (via Autoblog). The legacy automaker announced a total of 67 recalls over the course of the year. In total, a whopping 8,636,265 vehicles manufactured by Ford were potentially affected — […]

Tesla to Fix Window Issue on Nearly 1.1 Million Cars with Software Update

A window issue has been discovered in many of Tesla’s vehicles, which could cause passengers to be pinched when the window’s closing or opening paths are obstructed. Tesla is “recalling” 1.1 million vehicles in the U.S., due to a software issue that causes the automatic window reversal system to react incorrectly when obstructions are detected, […]

GM’s Cruise Recalls Robotaxis After Crash, Updates Self-Driving Software

According to filings that were recently made public, General Motors Co.’s all-electric robotaxi subsidiary, Cruise, recalled and updated the software in 80 self-driving cars after a June crash in San Francisco — reports CNBC. The crash in question occurred on June 3. It involved a Cruise vehicle braking harshly while attempting an unprotected left turn as […]

Tesla Ordered to Fix Model 3/Y Emergency Calls Glitch in Germany

According to a report from German broadcaster Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority has ordered Tesla to recall Model 3 and Model Y units in the country over an issue with the vehicles’ emergency systems, reports (via Bloomberg). The automotive regulator announced on June 29 that it has identified a bug with an […]

Tesla to Fix Model S/X Touchscreen Issue with Software Update

Another recall has been announced for Tesla’s vehicles by U.S. safety regulators, this time applying to around 130,000 vehicles. Tesla will recall around 130,000 vehicles in the U.S. due to an overheating issue that can cause the touchscreen to stop working, according to Reuters. Like many of Tesla’s recalls, the automaker will deploy a software […]

Tesla to Address NHTSA Safety Concerns Over ‘Boombox’ Feature Again

Following Tesla’s software update to fix the “Boombox” feature after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a safety recall in February, the automaker is now adding more vehicles to the number affected by the issue. Tesla is now adding extra vehicles to the prior recall over the EV’s pedestrian warning system. While the […]

Tesla Recalls Nearly 200,000 Cars in China Over Trunk Issues

Tesla is recalling 199,741 imported Model S and Model 3 vehicles in China over safety hazards involving the front trunk (or “frunk,” as Tesla calls it) and the rear trunk — reports CnEVPost. The electric vehicle (EV) pioneer has filed a recall plan with China’s State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR), citing an issue with […]

Tesla Proactively Recalls Some Model S/X Units for Airbag Replacement

According to Reddit user deeebug, Tesla is proactively recalling certain Model S and Model X units over a minor issue with driver airbags. The company is notifying Model S/X owners subject to the recall via email. The recall only applies to specific Model S/X units produced in 2021 at a certain manufacturing location where a […]

Tesla Recalls Some Imported Model 3 Cars in China

Following Tesla’s record deliveries from its Shanghai Gigafactory in September, the company has officially recalled a number of Model 3 units produced and imported before the company had finished its China production facility. Tesla has recalled 91 imported Model 3 vehicles produced between February 2, 2019, and October 20, 2019, over the transverse linkage retaining […]

Tesla Proactive Recall: Model 3/Y Suspension Bolts Inspection

As an automaker, Tesla must recall vehicles when it detects issues, and a recent recall has begun being issued to some Model 3 and Model Y drivers. Tesla has sent recall notices to some Model 3 and Y drivers, calling for an inspection of the suspension lateral links on the vehicles’ front suspension units (via […]