Tesla Proactively Recalls Some Model S/X Units for Airbag Replacement



According to Reddit user deeebug, Tesla is proactively recalling certain Model S and Model X units over a minor issue with driver airbags. The company is notifying Model S/X owners subject to the recall via email.

The recall only applies to specific Model S/X units produced in 2021 at a certain manufacturing location where a recent quality inspection uncovered a potential issue with two driver airbags, Tesla said in an email to deeebug, whose 2021 Model S is among the cars being recalled.

The fault Tesla identified may cause affected driver airbags to not deploy properly. The company has already discarded all of the airbags from the defective lots, but will also recall and replace all other units that made it into production cars to err on the side of caution.

Tesla says the situation is a non-emergency. No immediate action is required if you own a Model S/X affected by this recall, and the company says you may continue to drive your car. Tesla is not aware of any injuries caused by this issue, and the recall is entirely proactive.

“No immediate action is required if you own a Model S or Model X affected by this recall, and you may continue to drive your car. Tesla will contact you to schedule a service appointment when parts become available in your regíon and replace the driver airbag free of charge,” reads the email from Tesla.

Tesla has always been quick to get ahead of problems — last week, the company fixed an automatic braking issue with its vehicles before the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) could even publish their recall filing.

deeebug‘s Tesla has a 443XXX Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). A Reddit user with a 437XXX Tesla said their car is also part of the recall, and another who took delivery of their Plaid in August said they received the email as well.

At this time, exactly which VIN series or delivery months are part of the recall remains unknown. If you’re wondering whether your Model S/X is included in the recall, be on the lookout for direct communication from Tesla.

Last month, Tesla issued a proactive recall of Model 3 and Model Y units for suspension bolt inspections. The company also recalled 91 imported Model 3 units in China last week.

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