Tesla Recalls Some Imported Model 3 Cars in China

Following Tesla’s record deliveries from its Shanghai Gigafactory in September, the company has officially recalled a number of Model 3 units produced and imported before the company had finished its China production facility.

Tesla has recalled 91 imported Model 3 vehicles produced between February 2, 2019, and October 20, 2019, over the transverse linkage retaining bolts on the unit’s front subframe assembly not being tightened to spec, according to CNEVPost.

After prolonged use, the China State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) said on Monday, the bolts are subject to loosen and fall out of the subframe, eventually causing the front suspension link to come out of the subframe – causing major issues to both vehicle handling and overall accident risk.

Tesla is cautioning drivers within this imported production range, and has encouraged drivers with these vehicles to have Tesla check on the tightening torque of the transverse linkage bolts on the front frame for free.