Tesla Powerwall Helped 44,000 Homes in Puerto Rico While Grid Was Down

Tesla’s energy business is becoming a bigger part of its repertoire, and its Powerwall energy storage systems have become a regular part of discussions surrounding natural disasters in the past few years. In a post on Twitter on Thursday, @Tesla Solar announced that its Powerwalls powered around 44,000 homes in Puerto Rico, averaging about five […]

Hydro One Launches Tesla Powerwalls Pilot in Ontario

Hydro One, the electricity utility that serves Ontario, Canada, recently launched a pilot project that uses Tesla Powerwalls to provide battery backup to the local grid. Powerwall is Tesla’s residential energy storage solution. Hydro One has deployed a battery energy storage system comprising several Powerwalls that will supplement power supply to residential customers during times […]

Tesla Requiring At Least One Powerwall with All Solar Projects: Report

Solar energy and power storage are just a couple of Tesla Energy’s newest sustainable frontiers, though a recent update has made it so customers must purchase its Powerwall for all solar roofing projects. Tesla is currently requiring at least one Powerwall per solar roof project, according to a Monday report from Electrek citing sources familiar […]

Over 300 Tesla Powerwalls Create Japan’s Largest Virtual Power Plant

A virtual power plant (VPP) project consisting exclusively of Tesla Powerwalls on the island of Miyakojima in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, has now become the largest of its kind in the country. The Miyakojima VPP project began in 2021 and today comprises more than 300 Powerwalls, Tesla said in a Japanese blog post. It is the […]

1,500+ Tesla Powerwall Users Have Enrolled into PG&E’s Virtual Power Plant

Tesla and Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) on Thursday announced that more than 1,500 Powerwall owners have already enrolled in their joint pilot program to create a massive virtual power plant (VPP) in California. VPP resources are in customers’ homes or at their businesses (“behind-the-meter”) in the form of, but not limited to, smart […]

Tesla Virtual Power Plant Pilot Will Pay Powerwall Owners in California

Tesla is asking Powerwall owners in California to join the ‘Tesla Virtual Power Plant’, an Emergency Load Reduction Program (ELRP) pilot offered by Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E). Participants joining to support the grid will earn $2/kWh “for every additional kWh your Powerwall delivers during an event.” Tesla says “addjust your Backup Reserve to set […]

Tesla Powerwalls Are Keeping the Lights On in This Ukrainian Hospital

Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov, shared in a Friday tweet that Tesla’s Powerwalls are powering a hospital in Borodyanka, a small town in the Kyiv region, through blackouts. The area was heavily damaged by Russian bombings, and efforts to rebuild are ongoing. “Your tech solutions help [Ukraine],” Fedorov said […]

Tesla Home Chargers Rank No. 1 in Customer Satisfaction, Says J.D. Power

Tesla’s home chargers received the highest satisfaction score on the J.D. Power Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) assessment, according to Automotive News. The annual survey was shared on Thursday, and it asked EV owners about their satisfaction with home chargers based on eight pieces of criteria: reliability, ease-of-use, charger size, cable length, ease of storing/winding the […]

Tesla’s German Customers Get Access to Octopus Energy Power Service

Tesla has launched its Virtual Power Plant in Victoria, Australia last month, and now another company is offering similar services for Tesla Powerwall owners in Germany. On Monday, the German arm of the British electricity provider Octopus Energy unveiled a new program in which it will offer top-up power supply to households with rooftop solar […]

Tesla Unveils Powerwall ‘Virtual Power Plants’ to Help California Grid

According to Electrek, Tesla is launching an opt-in Virtual Power Plant (VPP) project in California, backed entirely by Powerwalls owned by Californians and designed to aid the state’s power grid in times of peak demand. California’s energy grid is expected to have a rough time these next few months — record high temperatures will result in […]