Tesla Powerwalls, Solar Roof to Power Housing Project in Texas

According to a press release Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently shared on Twitter, Tesla Solar is teaming up with Brookfield Asset Management Inc. and Dacra to build a large-scale sustainable residential neighborhood in Austin, Texas. Tesla Solar Roof + Powerwall in major new housing development in Austinhttps://t.co/u7NJAswFW2 — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 9, 2021 Provisionally named […]

Tesla Surpasses 200,000 Powerwall Installs Worldwide

Tesla just announced it has surpassed 200,000 Powerwall installs worldwide, announced on Wednesday afternoon. The company shared the stat, quote-tweeting customer Andru Edwards and his experience with Powerwall and how his lights stayed on during a recent power outage. Just surpassed 200k Powerwall installs globally 🔋🏡☀️ https://t.co/SX0LNLGmGG — Tesla (@Tesla) May 26, 2021 Tesla’s Powerwall […]

Tesla Powerwall+ Energy Storage Specs Revealed

  While Tesla’s Powerwall 2 has been available since 2016, the company’s new Powerwall+ is now being detailed to potential buyers in product information sheets. Tesla plans to share its specifications for the upcoming Powerwall+ energy storage bank, according to a potential Tesla buyer’s product information sheet (via Electrek). The Powerwall is used in tandem […]

Tesla Offers Free Powerwall to Some Solar Roof Customers Awaiting Installs

Many Tesla Solar Roof customers currently awaiting delivery or in purchase discussions with the company have taken to Reddit after they received emails from Tesla offering them one additional Tesla Powerwall battery for their setup at no additional cost. Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed earlier this week that the Solar Roof and Solar Panels would no […]

Tesla Discontinues Sale of Powerwall Without Solar Panels

Tesla’s Powerwall has been expanding its reach across the United States in recent months, but it will no longer do so without the addition of solar options. On Monday, electrek reported that Tesla has stopped receiving orders for the Powerwall or its home battery packs, without also being linked to a solar panel package of […]

Tesla Now Installing Solar Roof and Panels, Powerwall in Atlanta

Solar roofing from Tesla is set to expand to Canada later this year confirmed Elon Musk yesterday. But now there’s further expansion of the solar product in the United States. Tesla is officially installing its solar roof and panels in Atlanta, Georgia, according to a post on Reddit Tuesday. The post, which was shared by […]

Tesla Increase Price of Powerwall to $7,500 USD

Tesla’s Powerwall is an excellent at-home or at-work charging solution for Tesla owners and business owners alike. While it is most commonly used with Tesla’s solar customers for storing power, it’s also been traditionally tough for Tesla fans to get their hands on one of these, due to growing incentives in places like California helping […]

Tesla Solar Inverter Now Available for Purchase

Tesla released a Solar Inverter, graciously bridging the only gap in its range of solar energy production and storage products. The Solar Inverter is designed to convert stored DC power produced by Tesla’s Solar Roof or other solar panels to AC power that can power your home with an advertised efficiency of 97.5%. Not only […]

Tesla Owner in Romania Builds Homemade Powerwall [VIDEO]

As Tesla continues to grow within the global electric vehicle (EV) market, certain regions will inevitably miss out on certain products. However, inventive Tesla owners will also go an incredibly long way to build their own working hardware, as is the case with one customer from Romania. Reddit user u/claudiusasu, a Tesla owner from Romania, […]

Tesla Owner Unwraps Red Founder Series Powerwall Gift [VIDEO]

A user on Reddit has shared their gifted, Tesla Founder Series Powerwall, and it is beautiful. User u/S1ghtunseen shared the video on Wednesday evening, and it shows him unwrapping the freshly installed Powerwall. The Founder Series Powerwall is a long-anticipated Powerwall variant that is awarded through a referral program for purchasers of the Model S […]