You Can Now Buy Tesla’s Powerwall in Canada

tesla powerwall canada

Tesla announced on Wednesday that its latest Powerwall 3 home energy storage system is now available in Canada.

The Powerwall detects power outages and recharges using solar energy or from the grid, ensuring continuous operation of household appliances. It stores clean energy generated by solar systems for use at night or during periods when solar energy is not available. Users can remotely manage their energy storage through the Tesla app, providing convenience and control from anywhere at any time.

Customers interested in purchasing the Powerwall can submit a request, after which a Tesla Certified Installer will provide pricing information and next steps. The cost for a single Powerwall is $10,794 CAD, while a system with two Powerwalls is priced at $21,588 CAD, and three Powerwalls cost $32,382 CAD.

Each system also requires a Gateway, priced at $1,165 CAD. These prices do not include taxes, delivery, installation, or other additional costs. The final price will be determined by the Certified Installer.

Why get a Powerwall? If you live in an area that loses power frequently due to storms or other weather-related events, this ensures you and your family will stay online.

By submitting a request, customers authorize Tesla to share their contact information with a local certified installer to facilitate the purchase and installation process.

Back in February, Tesla reached a milestone with the installation of its 600,00th Powerwall.