Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports 2023 Picks Include Tesla Model 3, Several Hybrids

Consumer Reports is offering a huge new endorsement for electric vehicles (EVs), as seven of its top 10 models for 2023 are electric cars, trucks and SUVs, as reported by CNBC on Thursday. The Tesla Model 3 landed Consumer Reports’ main electric pick, and the publication says it was chosen due to offering more range […]

Consumer Reports Praises Ford, GM Driver Monitoring Systems, But Not Tesla [VIDEO]

Tesla’s camera-based in-cabin driver monitoring system for its Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (FSD) advanced driver assistance systems have not been recognized in the latest Consumer Reports’ recent safety test. The consumer organization recently tested driver monitoring systems from BMW, Ford, General Motors, Tesla, and Subaru on a closed course. Out of the five, only GM’s […]

Tesla Cabin Cameras During Autopilot Need to Do Better: Consumer Reports

In a series of recently conducted tests, nonprofit consumer organization Consumer Reports found that Tesla’s camera-based driver monitoring for its driver assistance features, “fails to keep driver attention on the road,” during Autopilot. When Tesla ditched radar earlier this year for a purely camera-based approach to driver assistance technologies like Autopilot and its Full Self-Driving […]

Consumer Reports Says Tesla’s In-Car Cameras Prompt ‘Privacy Concerns’

Viewing Angle of the Model 3 In-Cabin Camera According to Consumer Reports, it believes Tesla in-car cameras raise privacy concerns, just like the Chinese military, it seems. Consumer Reports references Tesla noting it reviews some footage recorded from in-car cameras, to help improve its self-driving technology, after the fact. According to Consumer Reports, this action […]

Tesla Ranks No. 1 on List of Most Liked Car Brands, Says Consumer Reports

Tesla takes the cake in the Annual 2020 Auto Survey conducted by Consumer Reports on 369,000 vehicles. This is just another notch in the electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer’s belt, which also beat industry veterans in the 2020 Top 100 global brands list. The survey included vehicles from 27 different companies, with most of the data […]

Consumer Reports Lowers Tesla Reliability Score, Blames Model Y

Tesla began production of its Model Y crossover in January, though it’s not exactly considered the most reliable of the company’s lineup, according to a new survey. In an annual reliability survey conducted by Consumer Reports, the Tesla Model Y was ranked far below average reliability, pulling Tesla’s total ranking down significantly, as reported by […]

Electric Vehicles Save You More Money vs Gas-Powered Cars: Consumer Reports

As reported by Ars Technica, a new study conducted American nonprofit consumer organization Consumer Reports conclusively proves that electric vehicles are significantly cheaper than traditional Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles over the course of their respective lifespans. Fuel Savings✔️ Lower Maintenance Costs✔️ Less Depreciation✔️ “As battery prices and technology improve, prices come down, and more attractive models hit […]