Tesla Amends Lithium Supply Deal with Australia’s Piedmont

Piedmont Lithium Inc., an Australian lithium mining company headquartered in North Carolina, has amended its deal with Tesla to supply the electric vehicle (EV) maker with spodumene concentrate (SC6) — reports MarketWatch. Spodumene is a mineral that contains lithium, an integral component of the lithium-ion batteries used in EVs. In 2020, Piedmont struck a deal to […]

Tesla Tells German Officials: Giga Texas to Ramp Up Batteries Faster than Planned

Tesla has informed local government officials in Gruenheide, Germany, that it is putting plans for a 50 gigawatt-hour battery production facility at Gigafactory Berlin on the back burner. The automaker will instead divert resources to increasing battery production at its U.S. Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, faster than originally planned, reports Automotive News. “The EV maker […]

Rumor: Tesla Model 3/Y to Get Major Battery Upgrades in 2023

Twitter user and Tesla enthusiast Chris Zheng (@ChrisZheng001) on Saturday shared a rumor claiming that the Model 3 and Model Y will get a major upgrade sometime next year. It looks like the Tesla Model 3/Y will be followed by a massive update. – The RWD version will have two new batteries, the LFP blade […]

China’s BYD Jumps to No. 2 in Global EV Battery Market

The world’s electric vehicle (EV) market is growing rapidly as led by the Chinese auto market, and BYD is quickly moving upward as one of the world’s largest EV battery sellers, as shown in a new report. BYD surpassed LG Energy Solutions as the world’s second-largest EV battery seller in July, supplying a total of […]

CATL to Build Europe’s Biggest EV Battery Plant for $7.6 Billion

The world’s largest battery manufacturer has made yet another new factory announcement this week, set to begin building its second European factory upon approval. China-based manufacturer Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd. (CATL) announced plans to invest 7.34 billion euros ($7.69 billion USD) into a 100 Gigawatt-hour battery plant in Hungary, as detailed in a Friday […]

Panasonic to Build Tesla EV Battery Plant in Kansas, Not Oklahoma: Report

Panasonic plans to build a new plant in Kansas to produce batteries for Tesla, according to sources speaking with Nikkei. The Japanese company is said to invest “several billion dollars” for its second U.S EV battery factory, with its location chosen based on tax incentives and also its location near Tesla’s Gigafactory in Austin, Texas. […]
An image of President Joe Biden at the State of the Union Address

Senators Ask Biden to Invoke Defense Act to Boost U.S. EV Battery Production

U.S. Senators on Friday sent a bipartisan letter to President Joe Biden urging the head of state to invoke the Defense Production Act in an effort to increase domestic production of minerals used in electric vehicle (EV) batteries — reports Yahoo Finance. “In order to address the threats to our national security, we respectfully request that […]

Tesla Shifting Model 3/Y Standard Range Cars to LFP Batteries Globally

During Tesla’s record Q3 earnings report, the company revealed its vehicle capacity from its factories in California and Shanghai are running at near full capacity. The company’s Fremont factory is able to produce 100,000 Model S/X and 500,000 Model 3/Y, while its Giga Shanghai factory is noted as over 450,000, making for a total of […]

Panasonic Wants to Make Even More Batteries for Tesla, Says CEO

Tesla partner Panasonic has played a major role in the company’s battery production, and the company’s head is now planning to bolster and refine the production of Tesla’s 4860 battery even more so than before. Panasonic’s latest President and CEO Yuki Kusumi hopes to produce more batteries for Tesla than ever before in hopes to […]

Tesla Sued by Ex-Employee, Claims Firing Over Reporting Copper Heist

Lynn Thompson, a former Tesla employee, has filed a lawsuit against his ex-employer claiming he was fired for reporting the theft of a large amount of copper from the electric vehicle (EV) maker’s battery plant near Reno, Nevada — reports Yahoo! Finance. According to the lawsuit, millions of dollars in copper wire has been stolen from […]

Panasonic Needs Partners Beyond Just Tesla, Says CEO

According to the Financial Times, Panasonic CEO Kazuhiro Tsuga wants the electronics manufacturer to decrease its dependency on electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Tesla as its only buyer of EV batteries by catering to other EV makers across the globe. “At some point, we need to graduate from our one-legged approach of relying solely on Tesla”, said […]

Tesla’s Battery Cost Advantage to Last Through 2030, Report Says

According to a new report from Cairn Energy Research Advisors, Tesla’s lead in battery cell and battery packs, when it comes to cost, will last through 2030. “Tesla is definitely putting the hammer down on the accelerator pedal. They see this as the crucial period and they’re building out their capacities,” said Sam Jaffe, managing director […]

Tesla Names New Head of Canada Battery Research Firm

Tesla’s Advanced Battery Research group in Canada has been producing battery technology and filing patents for the company since 2016. And in a new move, Tesla has named a new head of the firm, and one with a wealth of experience already in the field. On Monday, electrek reported that Tesla named Jeff Dahn as […]