Tesla Shifting Model 3/Y Standard Range Cars to LFP Batteries Globally

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During Tesla’s record Q3 earnings report, the company revealed its vehicle capacity from its factories in California and Shanghai are running at near full capacity.

The company’s Fremont factory is able to produce 100,000 Model S/X and 500,000 Model 3/Y, while its Giga Shanghai factory is noted as over 450,000, making for a total of 1.05 million cars capable of being produced per year, the same as Q2.

“In Q3, we saw a continuation of global supply chain, transportation and other manufacturing challenges. We continue to run our production lines as close to full capacity as conditions allow. While sequential growth remains our goal, the magnitude of growth will be determined largely by outside factors,” explained Tesla.

Fremont produced over 430,000 vehicles over the last four quarters and Tesla says they believe there is “room for continued improvement.” So far, Model S production has continued to ramp up in Q3, while the first Model X refresh deliveries have begun.

As for Giga Shanghai, Tesla says the factory remained its “main export hub”, with improvements coming to ramp up production rates.

Tesla also acknowledged it will be “shifting to Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry globally”, for Standard Range vehicles. This means it is applicable to Model 3 and Model Y (in China). We’ve already seen some LFP batteries make their way to the USA.

As for Giga Berlin-Brandenburg, Tesla says the factory construction “remains on track with testing of equipment well underway,” and they “expect to receive final permit approval before the end of this year.”

Tesla also shared a chart of its vehicle market share by region, showing an uptick in US/Canada, Europe and China. There is still plenty of room to grow for the company.

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