VW Plans to Design Most of its Self-Driving Software In-House

Autonomous driving is a hot topic in the auto market today, and a number of companies have already shared plans to get in on the action. Volkswagen has plans to develop its own autonomous driving software in-house, rather than working with a third-party company, as reported by Auto News Europe. The news comes from an […]

VW ID.3 Tops Tesla Model 3 in European EV Sales: December 2020

As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to populate the roads more and more, we’re also beginning to witness a global entry into new territory – the auto market’s switch, at large, to zero-emissions vehicles. According to EV Sales, Europe’s top-selling EV in December 2020 was the Volkswagen ID.3, which delivered a total of 28,108 units. This […]

VW CEO Joins Twitter, Throws Shade at Tesla and Elon Musk

Volkswagen is a major auto brand, and is, thus far, the only major automaker to truly put up a fight against Tesla. Still, it’s worth a small fraction of Tesla’s market capitalization, so the fight’s far from over. On Thursday, Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess created his own Twitter account, and tweeted his first message straight […]

Germany’s Best-Selling EV in December 2020: VW ID.3

Germany, like many countries in Europe, is already seeing a major transition to electric vehicles (EVs), even following a year ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic. It comes as no surprise then that German company Volkswagen sold more units of the ID.3 in Germany in December 2020 than any other EV company by a margin of […]

Volkswagen CEO Mentions Tesla 31 Times at Annual Spending Update

According to Bloomberg Opinion, Volkswagen’s annual spending update for investors quickly turned into a display of how the veteran automaker plans on measuring up to Tesla. Despite Tesla having only a fraction of the sales VW does, Elon Musk’s company boasts over four times the German automaker’s market cap. VW appears to be obsessed with […]

Tesla Loses Market Share in the Netherlands in October

The Tesla Model 3 led Dutch EV sales for September, with 977 units sold, totaling 11% of the total market share. With the Kia Niro right behind it (749 units sold with 11% market share), onlookers were uncertain about the future of the charts, and October has brought with it new developments to outsiders. In […]

Volkswagen ID.3 Overtakes Tesla Model 3 as Norway’s Top-Selling EV

After performing admirably in the Netherlands during Q3 2020, Volkswagen’s ID.3 has taken over the globally successful Tesla Model 3 as the top-selling electric vehicle in Norway, according to data from Elbil Statisikk (via The Driven). Volkswagen, a German original equipment manufacturer operating in the global automotive industry, became a legend in the auto industry […]

Tesla’s Elon Musk and VW CEO Meet to Preview ID.3 and ID.4

Elon Musk made another surprising stop on his trip through Germany to visit Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess and see what Volkswagen has in store in the world of electric vehicles. The two innovators complimented each other’s work at the Golden Steering Wheel Awards in Berlin last year, where Musk received an award for the Tesla […]

Volkswagen Begins Production on ID.4 Electric SUV

Volkswagen announced today that it started production of its new ID.4 electric SUV at its Zwickau factory in Germany ahead of its official world premiere that’s scheduled for the end of September. In a Tuesday announcement largely surrounding questions about electric cars, VW quietly slotted in news about the ID.4 and said the vehicle will […]