Germany’s Best-Selling EV in December 2020: VW ID.3



The Volkswagen ID.3 was the top-selling EV in Germany in December 2020, and the fourth-best selling EV in Germany throughout all of 2020. Photo: Volkswagen

Germany, like many countries in Europe, is already seeing a major transition to electric vehicles (EVs), even following a year ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic.

It comes as no surprise then that German company Volkswagen sold more units of the ID.3 in Germany in December 2020 than any other EV company by a margin of almost 2,000 units, according to EV Sales.

The ID.3, which sold a total of 7,144 units in December, was followed by the Renault Zoe (5,349 units) and the Tesla Model 3 (3,293 units), all of which made up an impressive 16% of the total auto market.

The year’s top-selling vehicle in Germany was the Renault Zoe, having sold a total of 30,376 units throughout 2020. Volkswagen’s ID.3 sold 15,140 in 2020, making it fourth in Germany’s best-selling EVs for the entire year, just behind the Tesla Model 3 with 15,202 units sold.

Tesla’s progress on its own German factory will surely put extra pressure on the German-based automaker, but Volkswagen may catch a bit of a break over slowed operations at the construction site, due to controversies surrounding the companies environmental practices.

In any case, Volkswagen’s upcoming ID.4 is expected to help the company hold its own against the EV giant, and if 2021’s anything like 2020, then the company is safe for now, at least in its home market of Germany.

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