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Nio and Xpeng Report Record-Breaking Q1 in China, But Tesla Still on Top

Electric vehicles (EVs) are increasing in popularity around the world, though they’re growing particularly popular and competitive in China, the world’s largest auto market. Chinese automakers NIO and Xpeng each saw record-breaking EV sales in the first quarter of the year, as deliveries increased five-fold compared to Q1 2020, according to South China Morning Post. […]

Elon Musk to Join Board of Directors for Endeavor Group

Elon Musk has been chosen to join the board of directors for Endeavor Group, the owning body of live events like UFC, Miss Universe Contest, and New York Fashion Week, among others, according to a filing on Wednesday (via CNBC). Endeavor Group is now filing to go public for the first time since scrapping its […]

First Look: Inside The New Lucid Motors AMP-1 Factory [VIDEO]

On Wednesday, Lucid Motors released brand new footage from inside its AMP-1 factory in Casa Grande, Arizona, where it will produce the Lucid Air electric sedan. The dedicated electric vehicle (EV) factory plans to begin delivering Lucid Air units by the second half of 2021, and in this first look from behind the scenes, we […]

Lexus Debuts LF-Z Electric Concept, Ahead of Full EV/Hybrid Shift by 2025

CNBC reports that Lexus has announced plans to introduce 20 new or re-worked vehicles in either electric vehicle (EV) or hybrid models by 2025, with the company’s new EV direction based on a newly-announced luxury concept car called the LF-Z Electrified. The Toyota-owned vehicle manufacturer is set to include many of Lexus’s design elements, like […]

Volkswagen Confirms U.S. Name Change to ‘Voltswagen’ [Update]

Update March 30: It was a joke after all, as we suspected. Shame on you, Volkswagen. Volkswagen has made major announcements in the last year about its moves towards zero-emission vehicles, and in a new announcement, the company has taken these goals one step further. On Tuesday, Volkswagen unveiled a new name for its U.S. […]

Volkswagen USA Name Change to ‘Voltswagen’ Sounds Like April Fool’s

Will Volkswagen be changing its name in the United States? According to CNBC, the Germany automaker ‘accidentally’ published a press release—then removed it—detailing its name would become ‘Voltswagen’. The press release dated April 29 detailed the new name of Voltswagen of America, which apparently focuses on its new electrification efforts. An unnamed source confirmed the […]

Jeep to Install EV Chargers at Off-Road Trails Throughout the U.S.

One of the biggest barriers to the mainstream adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is the lack of charging infrastructure. However, in a new bid, Jeep is partnering with an EV charging station company to offer an increased charging network to customers who own a Jeep. Jeep announced last week a partnership with Volkswagen’s Electrify America, […]

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS Production Model Unveiled

Mercedes-Benz USA has revealed the 2022 EQS — its upcoming all-electric luxury sedan, complete with pictures and videos of a production model. The 2022 EQS focuses heavily on delivering a design and user experience that justifies the hefty price tag that it is virtually guaranteed to be accompanied by, and is touted to offer a […]

Canada to Protect Critical Mineral Supply Chains for EVs from Foreign Takeovers

According to Reuters, the Canadian government has moved to sure-up its defenses against takeovers of and foreign investment into companies mining critical minerals and Canada’s critical mineral supply chain as a whole. The move preempts major demand for metals to produce electric vehicles. Earlier this month, Canada named 31 minerals critical to its economy, including aluminum, […]

Smartphone Maker Xiaomi to Build Electric Vehicles, Report Says

China smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi is looking to enter into the electric vehicle (EV) space with the help of Great Wall Motor Company’s factory space, reports Reuters. The news comes from three people familiar with the matter who declined to be identified since the information is not yet public. Along with hopes to use the company’s […]