Washington State Governor Orders Fleet Shift to Electric Vehicles



Following Washington State’s announcement of its goal to ban new gas car sales by 2030, the state is enacting other changes into law to help fulfill the decade-long goal, even taking it a step further in some areas.

Washington plans to switch its statewide vehicle fleet over to EVs by 2040, as per a new executive order signed by the state’s Governor Jay Inslee, and according to GeekWire. The order includes targeted goals for the state’s roughly 5,000-vehicle fleet, including a range of vehicle types from snowplows all the way to state trooper patrol vehicles.

In a statement, Inslee said, “Together with the rest of the leaders here and those everywhere else today who are committed to this fight, we will lead the charge on decarbonizing the transportation sector.”

By 2025, the order targets electrifying 40 percent of the statewide fleet, then reaching 75 percent by 2030 before finally reaching a 100 percent switchover to EVs by 2040.

Still, perhaps necessarily, the order offers a bit of extra flexibility with regards to the state’s medium and heavy-duty trucks, which are generally a little further away from reaching volume production.

Some organizations in the state have already begun switching to EVs, like the Spokane Police Department who reported massive cost-efficiency benefits after switching to two Tesla Model Y units.


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