Tesla Launches Mud Flaps for Model S Refresh

Tesla has launched Model S Mud Flaps for its new refresh, cars made from 2021 and beyond. “Protect your Model S from snow, salt, sand and small debris with the Model S Mud Flaps,” says Tesla. The cost is $40 for 2 front mud flaps and installation hardware. These are a must if you drive […]

Tesla Launches Model X (2021+) All-Weather Interior Mats

After launching all-weather trunk liners for the refresh Model S, Tesla has now debuted all-weather interior mats for the Model X refresh, which means vehicles made in 2021 or later. “Model X All-Weather Interior Mats are made from a thermoplastic elastomer material for protection against mud, spills or snow all year round. With a custom-fit […]

Tesla Launches New Model 3 All-Weather Rear Trunk Liner

Tesla has launched a new version of its All-Weather Rear Trunk Liner for the Model 3, debuting a new design. According to the new image seen above, the rear trunk liner no longer has rectangular squares throughout, but has vertical lines to channel water and other debris instead. “Model 3 All-Weather Rear Trunk Liner offers […]

Ring Car Connect: Watch/Record Tesla Sentry Mode from Mobile

At Amazon’s special event today, the company unveiled new Echo, Fire TV, Eero 6 devices and more. One new announcement was the introduction of Ring Car Connect, a new API for automakers to allow customers to get push notifications on their smartphones from detected events. The new Ring Car Connect API also allows users to […]