Tesla Model 3/Y Plate Holder from Tesloid: Save 10% Off

Tesloid Tesla Model Y 3 Plate Holder Performance 01

For Tesla Model 3 and Model Y owners about to take delivery, there’s a must-have accessory that promises both performance and aesthetics.

Priced at $99.99, the Tesloid Performance Plate Holder is designed to fit all Model 3 and Model Y vehicles from years from 2017 to 2023.

What this license plate holder does is it doesn’t stick to your bumper, allowing you to fully wash your bumper. When you take delivery of your new Model 3 or Model Y, Tesla will stick a license plate holder onto your front bumper. This attachment is using double-sided tape.

But with the Tesloid Performance Plate Holder, you can show up, attach the latter and then your license plate. This results in a much cleaner and sexier look for your Tesla.

One of the standout features of this plate holder is its quick on and off capability. Thanks to a central dial, users can easily attach or detach the plate holder, catering to both performance and aesthetic needs. Say goodbye to screws and the associated headaches; this plate holder dials directly into place against the center of the front grill.

Tesloid Tesla Model Y 3 Plate Holder Performance 03

Beyond its ease of use, the plate holder enhances the aerodynamics and aesthetics of the Model 3. It offers a refreshing alternative to the traditional glued front license plate. The set is comprehensive, coming with everything needed for installation: screws for the license plate, the plate holder itself, two keys, and even a screwdriver.

Designed specifically for the Model 3 and Model Y, this plate holder complements the vehicle’s front aesthetics seamlessly. And for those concerned about security, the plate holder features an anti-theft lock, ensuring it stays in place unless unlocked with a key, unlike other solutions on the market.

Tesloid Tesla Model Y 3 Plate Holder Performance 05

In terms of technical specifications, the plate holder is crafted from high-density ABS material and comes in a sleek black color. While it’s compatible with all models and trims, users are advised to use it with touchless car washes only. Alternatively, the ‘quick remove’ feature can be utilized before undergoing a standard car wash. Easy as pie.

Tesloid Tesla Model Y 3 Plate Holder Performance 09

This Performance Plate Holder is not just an accessory; it’s an enhancement for the Model 3 and Model Y, merging style with functionality. Your friends and family will be asking why they didn’t think of getting one of these sooner.

You can save 10% off these Tesloid plate holders by using code TESLANORTH10 at checkout (save $10!).

Thanks to Tesloid for supporting Tesla North and independent media this week.

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