Tesla Model 3/Y Wheels Covers Upgrade: Save 10% Off Tesloid

Model 3 induction

Model 3 Wheel Covers – Induction

If you purchased your Model 3 or Model Y with entry 18-inch and 19-inch wheels, they come stock with aero wheel covers that aren’t exactly the best looking.

But for a modest price, you can upgrade your base wheel covers to some aftermarket versions that look like actual wheels from distance (and even up close to those that aren’t aware!).

Tesla aftermarket accessories maker Tesloid has the following wheel covers available for $229.99 USD:

For the Model 3, these Tesloid wheel covers are meticulously crafted to fit 18″ wheels on vehicles manufactured between 2017 and 2023. They are designed for the OEM 18″ Aero wheels, allowing owners to effortlessly transform their vehicle’s appearance.

Here are the Model 3 Sport covers below:

Model 3 sport

On the other hand, the Model Y wheel covers, also priced at $229.99, are tailored for the 19″ wheels of vehicles produced between 2020 and 2023. They are specifically designed for the OEM 19″ Gemini wheels, offering a quick and stylish transformation.

Model Y Induction wheel covers:

Model y induction

Model Y Blade wheel covers:

Model y blade

Model Y Viking wheel covers:

Model y viking

All of these wheel covers not only elevate the aesthetics of the vehicles but also offer enhanced rim protection due to their increased radius. The precision fitment is a standout feature, with the covers crafted to replace the OEM wheel covers effortlessly. Leveraging advanced 3D scan technology, Tesloid ensures a flawless fit for both Model 3 and Model Y wheels.

Each package offered by Tesloid is comprehensive. Customers receive a set of four induction wheel covers, ensuring a uniform and sophisticated look for their vehicle. Additionally, a storage bag is included, allowing users to safely store their original wheel covers, be it Aero for Model 3 or Gemini for Model Y.

Crafted from durable ABS material and finished in a sleek matte black, these wheel covers are not only stylish but also durable. With the introduction of these wheel covers, Tesla owners can now enjoy an enhanced driving experience, blending both style and protection.

Save 10% Off Tesloid Wheel Covers

You can save an extra 10% off Tesloid wheel covers by using coupon code TELSANORTH10 at checkout (save $30 each!). Click here to visit Tesloid’s website.

Thanks to Tesloid for supporting Tesla North and independent media this week.