Tesla Model Y Camping Tent: Save 10% Off

Model y camping tent

Are you looking to elevate your Tesla Model Y camping experience? Tesloid’s Tesla Model Y Camping Tent is the game-changer you’ve been waiting for.

Perfect Fit for Your Model Y

Designed specifically for Model Y vehicles from 2020 to 2023, this innovative tent is a fantastic addition to your camping gear. Whether you’re creating a long-term base or simply backing into your cozy space after a day of exploration, this tent provides an array of possibilities. It’s time to take your camping trips to another level this summer with your Model Y and its Camp Mode.

Space That Amazes

With nearly 50 square feet of interior space, almost 7 feet of ceiling height, and an additional 25 square feet of shaded porch, the tent delivers plenty of room for your activities and gear. Along with the bonus sleeping area inside your Model Y, it truly feels like a spacious tiny home in the heart of nature.

Model y camping tent 2

Designed with Practicality in Mind

Crafted from 190T polyester taffeta and 210D Oxford fabric over a steel wire frame, the tent offers durability and convenience. It’s designed to fold easily into a compact carrying bag, and it comes with window features, a Model Y roof cover, and an awning, making it an essential part of your travels.

All-Weather Protection

The Tesloid tent has you covered, rain or wind. Its design is equipped with an extra roof cover and a secure mounting system to ensure your comfort and peace of mind in all weather conditions.

Model y camping tent 3

Feature-rich Design

The tent features dual-layer windows – a netted screen to keep bugs out and a waterproof opaque layer for weather protection. Both layers can be easily adjusted, providing you with control over your environment.

Flexibility and Ease of Assembly

The tent can stand alone, allowing you to venture out in your Model Y and return to a secure base later. Its quick assembly design springs open in under a minute, with further setup details taking around 20 minutes. Packing it back into its bag is just as quick and easy when it’s time to move on.

Model y camping tent 4


While the tent is designed for the Model Y, it can still fit other Tesla models like the Model 3, Model X, or Model S, offering coverage and protection for any Tesla camping adventure. The Model Y Camping Bundle includes a mattress specifically designed for the Model Y sleeping area, enhancing your comfort even more.

Tesla model Y trunk inflatable matress 3

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Embark on your camping journey with Tesloid’s Tesla Model Y Camping Tent for $399 USD—or take advantage of our special Model Y Camping Bundle for $449.98 USD ($40 in savings), which includes both the tent and mattress.

Use our coupon code TESLANORTH10 at checkout to save 10% off today–taking this tent down to $359 USD.

A fusion of innovation, practicality, and comfort, the Tesloid Model Y Camping Tent is the perfect partner for any explorer with a Model Y from 2020 to 2023. Experience camping like never before, while also enjoying significant savings!

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