Ring Car Connect: Watch/Record Tesla Sentry Mode from Mobile

Ring car connect tesla

At Amazon’s special event today, the company unveiled new Echo, Fire TV, Eero 6 devices and more.

One new announcement was the introduction of Ring Car Connect, a new API for automakers to allow customers to get push notifications on their smartphones from detected events.

The new Ring Car Connect API also allows users to view and record vehicle video footage, plus check to see car information such as whether doors are locked or unlocked. The API is available today for any automaker.

Ring’s first partner for Ring Car Connect is Tesla, with the new aftermarket device to support Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y. Ring Car Connect needs to be installed into your Tesla.

Ring Car Connect at $199 USD will allow Tesla owners to view and record Sentry Mode from the Ring iOS and Android app, over Wi-Fi and cellular connections. You’ll be able to view your Tesla’s front, left, back and rear cameras, all from your mobile device. Currently, Tesla does not allow its customers to view Sentry Mode clips from the company’s mobile app.

Click here to learn more about Ring Car Connect from Amazon.com. Ring Car Connect will be available in 2021.