Stories by Sarah Lee-Jones

Elon Musk and Tesla Donate N95 Masks to Healthcare Facilities

Tesla and Elon Musk continue the fight against the coronavirus outbreak. With word of a temporary shutdown to Tesla’s production facilities in Fremont, California and New York, the electric vehicle and solar energy manufacturer is tackling a new market: healthcare. Tesla has announced plans to produce ventilators for New York City hospitals that are drastically […]

Tutorial: How to Start and Drive Your Model Y

Tesla enthusiasts are hitting the road in the new Model Y. Many people are exploring the wide range of features that the new electric vehicle brings to the table. With the official Model Y Owner’s Manual online, it’s time to learn some of the basics. Enjoy the first in our tutorial series. Here’s how to […]

Take a Look at This New Tesla Model Y 0-60 mph Test Video

Now that the Tesla Model Y is out, we’re seeing a variety of video walk throughs and reviews showing off the pros and cons of the new electric vehicle. Some videos focus on the interior and exterior build. Others highlight the trunk space and Tesla Autopilot cameras. However, in a new video from the YouTube […]

Curious About the Tesla Model Y Trailer Hitch? Check Out This Video

The Tesla Model Y has arrived. Although many of the vehicle’s basic features have been covered, some drivers are still wondering about some of the finer points. One such point is the issue of the Model Y’s trailer hitch. In a new video called “Tesla Model Y Trailer Hitch” from the extensive Tesla YouTube channel, […]

Tesla to Implement Touchless Model Y Deliveries Amidst Coronavirus

Tesla Model Y deliveries are in full swing, as expected. More and more customers in the United States are receiving their vehicles. Many of them are taking to YouTube and elsewhere to showcase the vehicle’s features and details. However, in an unforeseen change to Tesla’s delivery plans, the electric vehicle manufacturer has been forced to […]

What’s Going on With Tulsa, Oklahoma and Tesla Memes?

Tesla is on the lookout for the new site for its U.S. Cybertruck Gigafactory. CEO Elon Musk initially tweeted suggesting the factory would be located somewhere in the Central United States. Some cities and states are doing all they can to attract the electric vehicle manufacturer’s attention. But none of them have gone to quite […]

Tesla Model Y vs Model 3 Review Detailed in New Video

With Tesla Model Y deliveries continuing to arrive, drivers are combing over the many features and details of the new electric vehicle. But many people are still wondering what separates the Model Y from the Model 3. In a new video from Jon Rettinger, the key differences between the two are inspected in detail. On […]

Tesla to Scale Down Workforce Temporarily at Fremont Factory

Amidst a flurry of updates regarding the Bay Area shelter in place order, Tesla’s manufacturing plant in Fremont, California will remain operational with a limited workforce. Following negotiations with the Alameda County Sheriff, the electric vehicle manufacturer reached an agreement as of Wednesday, March 18, 2020. So how will Tesla proceed to operate its Fremont […]

Walkthrough Video Shows Tesla Model Y Details

As Tesla Model Y deliveries continue, more drivers are recording detailed walk through videos. While most videos showcase some of the most popular features of the electric vehicle, others look at finer details. This new video titled “The Tesla Model Y – Full In Person Walkthrough” by Ryan Shaw is one such video. Rather than […]

Tesla Model Y Online Store Opens for Accessories Sales

As more Tesla Model Y deliveries are completed, drivers are excited to explore the finer points of the electric vehicle. The Tesla Model Y store is the perfect place for newcomers and experts alike. So what exactly can you expect from the Tesla Model Y Store? The offerings are diverse, ranging from key essentials to […]