Tesla Takes 33% of Canada’s EV Rebates; Used EVs May Qualify Soon

Canada’s federal zero-emission vehicles rebate program, known as iZEV, offers rebates towards battery electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

According to The Canadian Press, about one-third of these federal rebates in Canada have gone to Tesla, based on data from Transport Canada. The program offers rebates of up to $5,000 CAD on new ZEV purchases.

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Data shows Tesla received $102 million of the $296 million in rebates sent to dealerships selling EVs, from at least 15 different companies. Total program claims saw the Tesla Model 3 take roughly 25%, says Transport Canada.

Now, Transport Canada is pondering offering iZEV rebates towards used electric vehicles, to expand ZEV sales to low and middle-income buyers, instead of just benefitting those that can afford new cars.

Clean Energy Canada recommended the government apply the rebate to used EVs, while also consider an income cap to eliminate the program for those that don’t need it.

Canada’s federal government plans to have 10% of all light-duty electric cars sold in 2025 to be electric.